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The Conference 2012
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The Conference

The Language Teaching Centre (SLI) in the Faculty of Philology will hold a conference from April 18 – 20, 2012 entitled “Multilingualism in Society, the World of Work, and Politics. New Challenges for Teaching at Institutes of Higher Education/Universities”

This year, the discussion concerning multilingualism is to focus on the areas of “the economy”, “the employment market” and “integration”.

Using analysis and discussion, the conference aims to shed light on the challenges involved in multilingualism policies and their implementation in the EU and its institutions. A further goal is to examine the intercultural aspects that impact upon the realization of such policies. Special emphasis will be paid to the role intercultural aspects play in the heterogeneously comprised lecture rooms at colleges and universities. Closely connected to this is the question of the purpose and quality of study paths that are offered and occur in a foreign language. Particularly at German institutions of higher learning, English is most often the language of choice. Among the issues to be considered here are: what language barriers must instructors and students overcome during class or in advising sessions or working groups?  What level of language proficiency is needed in order to competently convey and understand course content?  What standards apply, for example, when selecting “the right” English to be used in the learning environment, or which pronunciation rules can, will, or must be adhered to in class? 

Plenary lectures and a podium discussion will be used to generate ideas and provide an introduction to the key topics. Presentations given in the framework of the various sections will examine selected aspects of the key topics more intensively and provide opportunities for more thorough analysis and discussion.

In addition to developing new perspectives and conclusions, a further intention is to continue the academic discussion which began during the 2010 conference and pool the results of both conferences.

Publication (paper or online) of a follow-up work containing the results and papers from the 2010 and 2012 conferences is planned.

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